Winning Tips for One-Pocket

Winning Tips for One-Pocket

Winning Tips for One-Pocket

One-pocket is a great game for a billiards fan… or fanatic. One-Pocket is a game that requires skill and strategy. Don’t think you can just “get lucky” at One-Pocket!

So you want to be a winner? Here are some Winning Tips for One-Pocket!

Here’s a simple description of the game, from
“One Pocket is a form of pocket-billiards in which the opposing sides each have one of the foot pockets in which to sink their balls. They can not have the same foot pocket as their pocket. The winning player is the one to first score eight balls in his pocket (any eight balls).”

So the winning player has to be the first to score eight balls in his or her pocket – not just ANY pocket. Think that calling your pocket is a challenge? Well, that’s what One-Pocket is all about – that ONE pocket!

Tom Ross, at, calls one-pocket “pool’s most tactical game” – so some skill and strategy is required – if you want to WIN, that is.

Winning Tips for One-Pocket

Here are some great tips from Tom, for “Stunning Safes” in One-Pocket:

“When I watch pros play one-pocket, pool’s most tactical game, I observe that most racks are won with determined, fundamental safety play. One-pocket also offers occasional stabs at some dazzling shots that would be suicidal in other games, but the flashy crowd pleasers tend to be rare. More typically, two players will patiently nag each other with ordinary but effective responses, persistently leaving the cue ball frozen to a cushion or another ball to limit the other player’s options and force mistakes.”

“Because the shooter is often sending an object ball far away from the opponent’s pocket while moving the cue ball only two or three inches, competitive one-pocket players must master stun-follow and stun-draw for short, precise cue-ball movement with firm speed – two safety techniques that are useful in all games.”  (Read more at

Control of the cue ball is essential, but control throughout the game is the key to success.

Jimmy Reid also offers some awesome tips and tricks to winning a game of One-Pocket.

Who’s Jimmy Read, you ask? From a profile at
‘Hippie’ Jimmy Reid was born 8-23-46 and as a youngster grew up in Gloucester, MA – an old New England fishing port and an unlikely town for a top pool player. However, Boston and the Olympia Billiard Room, better known as The Mines, wasn’t too far away, and there lurked ‘Boston Shorty’, Bob Ingersol, ‘Cuban Joe’ Valdez and other veterans of pool action.”

“Jimmy was gifted with a potent combination of talent, determination, and the confidence to be the best. Just the right age to catch the wave of popularity that swept pool in the years of The Hustler and Johnston City, Jimmy hit the road while he was still a teenager and began to work his way up the food chain among the great young players with names like Sigel, Hall and Rempe.”

“Reid is a US Open 9-Ball champion, and winner of numerous other tournaments, yet he considers ring games and after-hours action to be where he played his best. His best games were 9-Ball, and especially 10-Ball, but Jimmy was a fearsome One Pocket player as well, with an explosive offensive style of play.”

Here is some great advice from Jimmy Reid at his YouTube channel:

One Pocket Strategy! Advanced Tips and Strategy

and you can read more about Jimmy Reid himself from here!

One-Pocket is challenging, but it is a great fun game as well. Mastering One-Pocket will give the player the physical and mental skills to be the tough competitor in any pool or billiards game. It is a game worth learning, and with these Winning Tips for One-Pocket, you can be the Winner!

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