The Diamond Pool Table

The “Diamond” of Pool Tables

Published by The Jester, Sept 15, 2014

Jester’s Billiards is proud to offer one of the finest in professional billiards tables available – the Diamond Pool Table! Read on to find out more about these fine tables!

Diamond Pool Tables at Jester's Billiards



Here’s some information and history from the Diamond Billiards website:

“In 1987, a group of dedicated pool players in Louisville, Kentucky formed a small company based on a simple but unique idea creating a table that would so surpass all others in quality and craftsmanship that it would become the standard for national and international tournament play. Achieving that goal had three strategic elements: (1) using the table in major tournament events, (2) seeking comments and advice from experienced, top professionals about the table’s ‘playability’, and, (3) heeding those comments by adding features and making refinements that improved its performance.”

Here are some of the features that make Diamond billiards table so special:

1.  1″ 1-piece slate table surface construction

2.  Simonis 860 Cloth

3.  Rails are constructed of unique Dymondwood® that is burn and dent resistant. Phenolic resin pressed into the material gives the wood its durability and luster.

4.  Cushions: Tour specified K-55 profile offers quick response. An additional ¼” top rail backing wood has been engineered between the cushion and the feather strip channel to provide consistent rail speed.

5.  Pockets: Patent pending bi-level design is flush to the rail.

6.  Wedge Leveling System – built right into the slate bed. Allows the slate to be leveled without removing the rail system.

7.  Ball Return – Quiet and efficient ball return.

8.  Feet – Leveling block is built right into the leg of the Pro-Am.

And a bit of history…

“Since its inception, the DIAMOND PROFESSIONAL has been through over 100 major tournaments and many changes and refinements. Because the DIAMOND was truly designed by players for players and not by manufacturers, it contains design features found in no other table in existence, features which make each DIAMOND the standard of the industry for tournament play.”


Jester’s Billiards is proud to offer this professional billiards table to our customers! Come in and try it out for your next pool game  — we know you will see and feel the difference!

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