Learn to Play Darts like a Pro

Play Darts like a Pro at Jester's Billiards in Gilbert, Arizona

Learn to Play Darts like a Pro

It’s not often that we at Jester’s Billiards recommend a book (since playing darts and shooting pool is more of our “thing”) but if you want to Play Darts like a Pro, then this book by John Rafa is a treasure!

Whether beginner, intermediate or “pretty darn good” this book will help you get better. Of course, as the author says, this is a “training tool.” Practice makes perfect, so… practice! What “Darts – Play Like a Pro” does offer is a course in how to play darts the right way – and winning at the game is always the “right way” to do it!

and throwing darts in a league is a great way to practice, and meet some awesome new people who love darts just as much as you do!

Play Darts like a Pro at Jester's Billiards

Here are some details about the book from the dartdealer website (the web address is below.)

Darts – Play Like a Pro
Workbook and Reference Manual
by John Rafa

“Darts: Play like a Pro” is an education and training tool for players wanting to compete in the sport of steel-tip and soft-tip darts. It is not the arrow – it is the archer; invest in yourself.

One chapter is devoted to practice routines and the setup of equipment and training devices that meld the throw and targeting into a cohesive process to increase confidence, improve accuracy, and reduce variability.

Two chapters focus on the mental and physical aspects of the dart throw. The throw is broken down into elements for self-analysis and assembled into a process practice checklist that can assist in “fixing” the stroke if something goes awry. The player will be able to identify their “style;” and given a style, a player can identify a professional role model. The selection and “tuning” of darts is addressed, as is dealing with competitive pressure, the fear of losing, and dartitus.

501 and Cricket are the bedrocks of the international darting community and their rules and score keeping is explained. However, as with the rules of golf, the rules do not tell anyone how to play them competitively. 501 (n01) has thousands of finishing options for scores 2 thru 170 and most out charts are obsolete and only show one alternative. The book has comprehensive 501 practice tables, separated into twenty-eight ranges for steel-tip and less for soft tip, to aid in target memorization. The player will erase all doubt about what to target with 3, 2, or 1 dart-in-hand based on their selected preferences. Each range has a narrative explaining its nuances and a player need only memorize those ranges appropriate to their desired skill level. Not otherwise available is how to play the most important range 2 thru 40 and the 171 thru 501 ranges; also learn when to “switch” to avoid a bogie and when to use the bull. This information alone is worth the price of the book.

The comprehensive Cricket chapter explains the strategies and tactics of the game with a considerable number of scoreboard examples and exercises.

A “world of darts” directory helps a player find a game through one of the organizing bodies… and, much more.

Find out more about the book at: www.dartdealer.com

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