Jester’s Billiards sponsors Chuck Puleo at 2017 Championship Darts Circuit

Jester's Billiards sponsors Chuck Puleo at 2017 Championship Darts Circuit

Jester’s Billiards sponsors Chuck Puleo at 2017 Championship Darts Circuit!!

With Chuck Puleo at 2017 Championship Darts Circuit this year, we at Jester’s Billiards wanted at know: “What does it take to be a champion at darts?” So we asked Chuck Puleo — and he says that it takes “Practice, Commitment… and FOCUS!!!”

Chuck Puleo will be competing this year at the 2017 Championship Darts Circuit championship series. Jester’s Billiards is sponsoring Chuck, and we look forward to an exciting season of the Championship Darts Circuit championship. As for Chuck, he is looking forward to the trophies!

Jester's Billiards sponsors Chuck Puleo at 2017 Championship Darts Circuit

“I have always been a competitive guy,” says Chuck. “I began playing sports when I was five years old. I played football as a child, and I discovered darts as a sport in 1991. I left dart play in 2003, but then I moved to Arizona and returned to darts at age 32. Now I am committed 110% – it consumes me!” he said in an interview.

To compete in the Championship Darts Circuit championship series requires touring. This weekend, Chuck will be competing in Huntsville, AL. From there, the tour continues to Niagara Falls, then on to Miamisburg (Ohio), Nashville… and finally to Los Angeles for the CONTINENTAL CUP FINALS 2017. That event will be held at the The Venue at the Dirty Bull, September 23 – 24, 2017.

Chuck is confident about this tour. He qualified for his tour card in Los Angeles, and can’t wait to get back there to play – and win – again.

Does Chuck have any expert tips for darts players who want to be at the top? He says: “Practice, practice… and practice against people who are better than you.”

“There are basically three kinds of players: the home player, the pub player and the tournament player. The big difference in those three is the pressure that one is under during play. In tournaments, the pressure is bigger – and the prizes higher. Many people who are good at home or in a pub will lose it when they get to a tournament. There’s lots of people watching, maybe lights and cameras… it put a lot of pressure on the player to throw well.”

“It takes focus!” he says. As a body builder, Chuck knows about focus: “My life is pretty much work, gym and practice. I have to balance all of these things in my life, and still have quality time with my family. I spend a lot of time with my daughter in her activities, and every time I compete, I bring home that trophy and lay it on her bed. I want her to learn the lessons of success, and showing her something like a trophy that I’ve won reinforces the lesson: You have to do the work to get the results!”

Jester’s Billiards is proud to be sponsoring Chuck Puleo at 2017 Championship Darts Circuit series. Chuck calls Jester’s Billiards “his home for darts” – Thank You, Chuck!

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